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Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock, popularly known as the Master of Suspense, boasted an illustrious movie making career that spanned half a century.

Continue reading "Alfred Hitchcock"

Site Map for Discover Northern California

Discover Northern California's Site Map gives you a quick, one-stop-shop for exactly the Northern California travel tips you seek!

Continue reading "Site Map for Discover Northern California"

Deer Pictures

Ava Turner spotted a young fawn swimming across Collins Lake during a visit with her family years ago. Here's her story with a few deer pictures.

Continue reading "Deer Pictures"

Lake Tahoe Ski Nevada

The Nevada side of Lake Tahoe sports one and one-half Lake Tahoe ski resorts.

Continue reading "Lake Tahoe Ski Nevada"

Whale Watching Tips When You're Ashore

Whale Watching Tips When You're Ashore provides helpful information to get the most of your whale watching from Northern California's shoreline.

Continue reading "Whale Watching Tips When You're Ashore"

Whale Watching Tips When You're Asea

Whale Watching Tips When You're Asea brings helpful information for you to get the most out of your whale watching from a boat.

Continue reading "Whale Watching Tips When You're Asea"

Paypal Donations Defray Costs

Did you know you can safely and easily contribute a small donation to help defray the costs of publishing this website? Learn how to make PayPal donations..

Continue reading "Paypal Donations Defray Costs"

Castle Rock

Rock climbing at Castle Rock State Park is some of the best. There are beginner and intermediate routes, as well as some very challenging peaks.

Continue reading "Castle Rock"

Trinity County Attractions

Trinity County attractions range from scenic byways to the oldest still-in-use Joss House (Chinese temple) in California.

Continue reading "Trinity County Attractions"

Photo-of-the-Week Continued 2

#TravelTuesday #Photo-of-the-Week collectables from Continued 2

Continue reading "Photo-of-the-Week Continued 2"

California Nut Festival

The California Nut Festival in Chico invites you to enjoy a celebration of nutty fun! Chico; it's where California nuts are grown!

Continue reading "California Nut Festival"

Big Sur Beaches South

What will you find at Big Sur Beaches South? How about white sands (Sand Dollar Beach), jade (Jade Cove), and elephant seals (Elephant Seal Beach)? Sounds good to me! Let's go . . .

Continue reading "Big Sur Beaches South"

Shopping in Downtown Chico

Shopping in downtown Chico is a truly unique experience! You'll find one-of-a-kind boutiques, specialty shops, antique stores, and local restaurants.

Continue reading "Shopping in Downtown Chico"

Fresno County

Located in California's Great Central Valley, Fresno County offers the visitor a wide range of attractions and activities. Find out more here...

Continue reading "Fresno County"

Photo-of-the-Week Continued 4

#TravelTuesday #Photo-of-the-Week collectables from, Continued 4.

Continue reading "Photo-of-the-Week Continued 4"

Privacy Policy

Discover Northern California's Privacy Policy

Continue reading "Privacy Policy"

Things To Do Santa Cruz

Beaches, boardwalk, surfing - yes, but there are many more things to do Santa Cruz you may NOT know about. Let us show you around!

Continue reading "Things To Do Santa Cruz"

Whale Watching Trips Ashore

Whale Watching? You don't have to go on a boat to see whales. A picnic lunch, a pair of binoculars, a headlands jutting into the sea... Perfect for Northern California Whale Watching Trips Ashore!

Continue reading "Whale Watching Trips Ashore"

Chico Day Trips: Gold Country Drive

Relive the Gold Rush with another of my Chico day trips! Historic buildings, hard-rock mining, museums, Old Towns, gold discovery site, gold panning, historic main streets-it's all on this day trip!

Continue reading "Chico Day Trips: Gold Country Drive"

46th Annual Grass Valley
Cornish Christmas

Join us as we celebrate our 46th year of Cornish Christmas every Friday night from 6 to 9 pm, Nov 29 thru Dec. 20, 2013 in beautiful historic downtown

Continue reading "46th Annual Grass Valley
Cornish Christmas "

Yosemite Cabins

Yosemite has ahead-of-their-times lodging choices. Take Yosemite Cabins for instance-they're a bit more rustic, but they sure seem like the fore-runner to the luxury Kenyan safari tents of today!

Continue reading "Yosemite Cabins"

Dichotomy of Copperopolis

Call it what you will, two sides of the same coin, split personalities, or a dichotomy - there's a ying and yang to Copperopolis!

Continue reading "Dichotomy of Copperopolis"

Lake Shasta Caverns Photo Gallery

Photo gallery of pictures that Wolf and I took on a trip to Lake Shasta Caverns in Shasta County, California in May of 2009.

Continue reading "Lake Shasta Caverns Photo Gallery"

County of Santa Clara

Located at the Southern tip of the SF Bay Area, the County of Santa Clara is home to Silicon Valley, Raging Waters, California's Great America, and Gilroy Premium Outlets.

Continue reading "County of Santa Clara"

Build Your Own Website, Just Like I Did!

Have you ever wondered if you could build your own website? I did it without any prior knowledge or experience, and I think it's a pretty nice website! Come on - I'll let you in on my secret!

Continue reading "Build Your Own Website, Just Like I Did!"

Best Day Trips

Best Day Trips is all about getting out and exploring. Where ever you are in Northern California, there's a perfect day trip just waiting for you.

Continue reading "Best Day Trips"

Yosemite National Park Taft Point

Kristopher Corey's article about hiking Yosemite National Park Taft Point. It's truly a treasure!

Continue reading "Yosemite National Park Taft Point"

Northern California Beaches

Though they're not always sandy and they're not always overcrowded, Northern California beaches have a lot to recommend them.

Continue reading "Northern California Beaches"

Sonoma Valley Wineries

The wineries belonging to the Sonoma Valley Appellation in Northern California are some of the finest in the world! Are you interested in a virtual tour of Sonoma Valley Wineries? Come along...

Continue reading "Sonoma Valley Wineries"

Photo-of-the-Week Continued 5

#TravelTuesday #Photo-of-the-Week collectables from, continued 5.

Continue reading "Photo-of-the-Week Continued 5"

Sonoma Plaza

If you're interested in California history, you must see Sonoma Plaza! Not a history buff? Come for the fun shopping, wine-ing, and dining.

Continue reading "Sonoma Plaza"

Russian River

Follow our Russian River drive to discover redwoods, wines, resort towns, and the Bohemian Highway.

Continue reading "Russian River"

Chico Day Trips: Sutter Buttes

Looking for an interesting Day Trip from Chico, CA? Try Chico to Sutter Buttes! Drive or bike the circumference, or arrange for a guided hike! Which ever way you do it, the Buttes are amazing!

Continue reading "Chico Day Trips: Sutter Buttes"

FAQs Discover Northern California

Do you have a question about Northern California? Wondering where to go, what to do, what to see? Check these FAQs at Discover Northern California for answers. Or answer a question for someone else!

Continue reading "FAQs Discover Northern California "

Photo-of-the-Week Continued 1

#TravelTuesday #Photo-of-the-Week collectables from continuation 1.

Continue reading "Photo-of-the-Week Continued 1"

Going to California

Ever wonder what routes the 49ers used during the California Gold Rush? After all, they traveled from all over the world and going to California wasn't easy! Let's take a look at how they got there.

Continue reading "Going to California"

Marin County California

West Marin County vs East Marin County California; flip sides of the same coin!

Continue reading "Marin County California"

Mono Lake

Laura Twining's article about her trip to Mono Lake and what she learned!

Continue reading "Mono Lake"

Gold Rush Trail

How do you get to The Gold Rush Trail? For those of us with a love for Gold Rush history, I'm going to make a unique suggestion . . .

Continue reading "Gold Rush Trail"

Big Sur Free

Looking for free things to do in Big Sur? We can help you with that!

Continue reading "Big Sur Free"

San Francisco North Beach

You probably know that the San Francisco North Beach area is SF's Little Italy. But did you know it was a beach at one time? Or that it wasn't always Italian? Find out more...

Continue reading "San Francisco North Beach"

Yosemite Campgrounds

Yosemite Campgrounds are in one of the world's most beautiful settings! Can't you just imagine waking to the site of Half Dome towering over your campsite...

Continue reading "Yosemite Campgrounds "

Whale Watching Tips When You're Aloft

Whale Watching Tips When You're Aloft provides a Jonathan Livingston Seagull perspective!

Continue reading "Whale Watching Tips When You're Aloft"

Empire Mine

Empire Mine is one of the largest, oldest, richest, deepest, and longest gold mines in California. And it's in an unbelievably beautiful setting!

Continue reading "Empire Mine"

Alpine County Attractions

With a population of two people per square mile, Alpine County attractions are mostly of the wide-open-spaces variety: scenic drives, camping, hunting, fishing, winter sports.

Continue reading "Alpine County Attractions"

Family Camping Tips

Here are 10 family camping tips gleaned from our family's years of tent camping throughout Northern California.

Continue reading "Family Camping Tips"

Your Beach Safety

Beaches can be very dangerous places. Learn some simple rules for beach safety for you and your family.

Continue reading "Your Beach Safety"

Old Sacramento

Visiting Old Sacramento and Sutter's Fort is like taking a giant leap back in time! If you haven't been, let's find out what you've missed . . .

Continue reading "Old Sacramento"

Yosemite Hotels

Immersed in nature and sitting in the lap of luxury? Too good to be true? Not if you stay in one of the Yosemite hotels that dish up fine dining with their wildlife!

Continue reading "Yosemite Hotels"

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