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A Northern California BeachA Northern California Beach; Photo by Suzi Rosenberg

You may be looking for nude beaches or beaches with a more casual attitude toward dress requirements in order to avail yourself of the opportunity to get an all-over tan, or you may be looking to avoid stumbling upon something you're not interested in.

Either way, these pages should prove useful to you.

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Northern California is home to some naturalist beaches that are very popular and utilized extensively, and there are some that are known only to the locals.

Some beaches have been used for full-body tanning and skinny-dipping for decades and others are fairly recent.

And you never know when someone will decide to start a new trend!

Some Things You Should Know About Going Au Natural In California:

  • Officially these beaches don't exist - at least as far as the nudity is concerned.
  • There are anti-nudity laws in California, and they vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.
  • Generally speaking, in areas that have become - through common useage - unofficial clothing-optional beaches, the nudity is tolerated by officialdom unless they've received a complaint.
  • That being said, you need to know that the consequences of having your nudity noticed can range from a request to put your clothes on (comply immediately and keep them on at that point), to a citation carrying a hefty fine, to jail time and potentially having to register as a sex offender if there is more involved than simple nudity.

Okay - forewarned is forearmed.

For more about Northern California's nude beaches in specific areas, check out these links:

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